Phrasal Verbs List R-Z

Phrasal Verb MeaningExample
run into meet unexpectedlyHave you seen Mike lately? Yeah, I ran into him at the mall today.
run over drive over a with a vehicleBe careful, we don't want to run over anybody.
run away escapeYou can't run away from me!
run outhave no more of somethingWe are running out of gas.
set someone uptrapSomeone set Lincoln up and he ended up going to jail.
shop aroundshopping at different places, comparing pricesI am shopping around to see which one is the best for me.
show offdisplay proudly, pretentiouslyShe loves to show off her new pendant.
sleep overspend the night at somewhere (informal) Jamie is going to sleep over at my sister's house tonight.
stick to somethingstay with You should stick to football, you are not a baseball person.
switch offturn off, cut the powerSwitch off the light so we can sleep.
switch onturn on Don't switch on the light, Sarah is asleep.
take after someoneresemble I am not like mom, I must have taken after my dad.
take apartbreak into pieces (purposely)He took apart the clock so that he can fix it.
take offstart to flyAircraft are ready to take off.
take something offremove (clothing) Why don't you take off your shoes?
take someone out take someone to somewhereI will take the kids out for a walk.
tear uprip into piecesI am going to tear up the boxes to recycle.
think overcontemplate (rethink)I will think it over and answer you.
throw awayget rid ofShould I throw away the old lamb?
turn downdecrease the levelCan you turn down the radio? I have a headache.
turn downrefuse an offer We are going out right? Don't turn me down please.
turn offdisconnect power supply, switch off Turn off your laptop before you sleep.
turn on start, switch onTurn on the TV, I want to watch the news.
turn upincrease the level Can you turn up the heat? I am cold.
try something on put on a garment to see if it's goodI like this suit, I want to try it on
try output to a test I am going to try out this new shampoo.
use something upfinishIt used up all the fuel in the tank.
wake upstop sleeping I woke up early today to study phrasal verbs.
warm upprepare for exercise You should warm up before you start lifting weights.
warm upincrease the temperature Can you warm up the food for me?
watch out forbe careful about Watch out for the dogs!
wear out become exhaustedThis hiking has worn me out, I can't walk anymore.
work outexerciseArnold works out at the gym 7 days a week.


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