ESL Phrasal Verbs 4

Complete the sentences with the most appropriate phrasal verbs.

1. The grand jury is ---- the allegations that bribes influenced the mayor's actions.

A) putting off
B) breaking into
C) drawing up
D) looking into
E) fixing up

2. Experts say if the island is not protected, the oil spill could ---- the Gulf's turtle population.

A) throw up
B) wipe out
C) put across
D) hold up
E) pass on

3. Cheryl has missed several days of school and now she is ---- in her homework.

A) picking up
B) telling off
C) turning out
D) going without
E) falling behind

4. The police quickly ---- her disguise and arrested her.

A) pulled in
B) stood by
C) saw through
D) counted on
E) got by

5. Vegetarians should ---- for animal fat in biscuits.

A) watch out
B) live on
C) feel up to
D) make up
E) stand for

6. I earn extra money by ---- brochures on the street.

A) taking after
B) backing up
C) cheering up
D) giving out
E) coming about

7. Along with the new title and pay rise, Max ---- so me additional responsibilities.

A) took on
B) fell off
C) drew back
D) sent out
E) kept up

8. Unfortunately, my trip to Indonesia ---- because I couldn't save enough money.

A) fell through
B) try out
C) take for
D) turn up
E) wash away

9. The computer company I work for is ---- with a new video game system next month.

A) passing away
B) coming to
C) breaking away
D) going off
E) coming out

10. Whenever he sat down at the piano, we knew he was going to ----.

A) keep out
B) show off
C) pull through
D) take up
E) look out

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