Between vs Among


When we talk about just two entities, we use between.

There is an armchair between the wardrobe and the bed in my room.

Look for the large wooden house between the oak trees.

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Other Prepositions

We can also use between for more than two things, however, they should be clearly separate from each other.

When you follow the path, you will see a large house between the river, the woods and the village.


We can also use between for distance and intervals.

I’ll be watching my favorite TV show tomorrow between seven and eight.
I need two inches between the fences in my garden.


We use among when we talk about more than two entities or a group.

The suspect disappeared among the crowd.
You don’t need to worry now that you are among your friends.
I’m quite sure that I saw something moving among all those trees.
There are only a few successful students among all these teenagers at this school.


We can use both between and among when we talk about dividing or sharing something.

In Anatolia the eldest brother divides all the income among / between his other brothers.

If we want to finish our assignment on time, we should share the work between / among us.


We prefer between after the word 'difference'.

What’s the biggest difference between country life and urban life?


Among can mean one of / some of.

There were two Americans among the first to reach the finish line.
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