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Modern Aircraft - Short ESL EFL Reading Article

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Answer the questions according to the reading

Modern Aircraft Navigation System

Modern aircraft use many additional methods of navigation. The pilot plots his course on a flight plan before he takes off. After take-off, an altimeter tells his height or 'altitude' above the ground or water. Instruments controlled by gyroscopes show whether he is climbing or turning. Another instrument informs him of 'drift' from his chosen course. An automatic pilot can navigate the plane while he rests. Satellites in orbit around the Earth give him information about the weather and his position. When he lands, radio beacons guide him down to the runway.

1. According to the passage, ----.

A) satellites can guide a pilot whether he is ascending or descending
B) gyroscopes are the devices which inform the pilot about weather
C) the direction in which the pilot keeps going is determined before the
D) the position of the pilot is spotted long before take-off
E) pilot should also take the Earth in orbit into consideration

2. A pilot ----.

A) uses many extra devices or gadgets to navigate the plane properly
B) is an automatic pilot who conducts the aircraft with the help of so me
C) has nothing to do with the altitude since he can locate his position
        with help of longitudes
D) chooses his direction with the help of longitudes and latitudes
E) may not know how to use the radio signals

3. It can be concluded from the passage that ----.

A) an automatic pilot can direct the plane according to the radio signals
B) when the pilot lands, he has to know the altitude
C) an altimeter tells the pilot whether he is on the right direction or not
D) one instrument tells the pilot the deviation from the direction
E) a pilot can navigate the aircraft without any instruments

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