How Much vs How Many

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How Much vs How Many Exercise 2
Much vs Many Exercise
Much / Many / A Lot Of

HOW MANY?countable plural nounsHow many books?
How many chairs?
How many ideas?
HOW MUCH?uncountable nounsHow much time?
How much sugar?
How much water?


a. How many bananas are there in the basket?
b. How many days are there in a year?
c. How much ink is there in the pen?
d. How much honey is there in the tin?


Ask questions for the following statements using how much or how many.

1. There is some bread in the basket. (how much)

2. We have got five kilos of cherries. (how many)

3. Bill has got three bottles of fruit juice in the fridge. (how many)

4. Andrew has got two pockets on his jacket. (how many)

5. There are forty teachers in the teachers’ room. (how many)

6. There is little ink in the big bottle. (how much)

7. There is a little oil in the small bottle. (how much)

8. Mary has got four pairs of shoes. (how many)

9. Helen has got a little sugar in her coffee. (how much)

10. There are seven days in a week. (how many)

11. There are four seasons in a year. (how many)

12. There is a lot of tea in the teapot. (how much)

13. There is a little tea in Susan's glass. (how much)

14. There are fifty girls at the party. (how many)

15. They have got two cars. (how many)

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