Indefinite Articles - a / an

Tips and explanations for indefinite articles a / an

Go through the rules and examples below and do the quick exercise, click "submit" to see results.

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Use 'A' before a word which begins with a consonant sound.

a man
a pen
a boy
a car
a fish
a house
a movie
a star
a bike
a student
a watch
a computer
a school
a shoe
a bottle
a mouse
a tiger
a camera
a city
a teacher
a website
a dollar
a machine
a game

Use 'AN' before a word which begins with a vowel sound

an umbrella
an elephant
an actor
an emergency
an American
an automobile
an airplane
an ant
an ice-cream
an ambulance
an offer
an equipment

Attention: Note that the pronunciation is what matters when choosing between a & an.


an honor (h is silent)
an hour

a university (a before the 'y' sound)
a unit

Exercise: Fill in the blanks with A or An.

1. Ronaldo is famous football player.

2. Jessica is hardworking student.

3. Is Dr. Phil smart man?

4. A tiger is animal.

5. Is that old book?

6. Is tea beneficial drink?

7. Mustang is American brand.

8. This is eraser.

9. New York Times is popular news company.

10. Derek is fisherman.

11. It's honor to meet you.

12. Angelina Jolie is actress.

13. GrammarBank is educational website.

14. Bart Simpson is child.

15. Superman is hero.

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