ESL Paragraph Worksheets 7

Paragraph worksheets for ESL EFL students and teachers. Complete the given paragraphs about exercising and fitness with the most appropriate sentences.

1. Exercise Ball / Pilates

----. It improves circulation and body alignment. It engages the powerhouse of the lower abs, hips,and lower back in almost every movement. Throughout the workout, practitioners try to stay united from shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip, making sure the neck and limbs are used in long, graceful movements.

A) Joseph Pilates was a weak youth who invented some exercises to
        strengthen his body
B) Anyone in a top-level position has got there because of their ability to
        learn and grow
C) With as few as two sessions a week, you can maintain these results
D) Soon you'll be admiring the profile you see in the mirror
E) Pilates is a unique combination of stretching, strengthening and

2. Running / Swift Walking

Running, or swift walking, uses the major muscle groups, making it the most efficient form of cardiovascular exercise. ----. It also lowers blood pressure and helps diabetics by improving glucose tolerance and reducing insulin resistance.

A) It has been shown to have a positive effect on blood fats by reducing
        cholesterol levels
B) During running, the speed at which the runner moves can be calculated
        by multiplying the steps per second by the stride length
C) Running is a complex, coordinated process which involves the entire
D) Every human being runs differently, but certain general features of
        running motion are common
E) Since only one foot at a time is on the ground in running, one leg is
        always in recovery

3. Holistic Health

Holistic health is a non-medical philosophy of well-being that considers the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected and balanced. ----. The most common of them include acupuncture, yoga and aromatherapy

A) We have to control such illness-related factors as poor diet, smoking,
        alcohol intake, and stress
B) Surgery and prescription drugs are generally avoided in holistic medicine
C) Holistic medicine does not ignore mainstream Western medical practices
        but does not see them as the only effective therapies
D) Advocates of the holistic health philosophy typically seek or use a wide
        variety of alternative practices
E) It is an approach to medical care that emphasizes the study of all
        aspects of a person's health

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