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Occupation Vocabulary Matching

Vocabulary Matching Worksheet - Jobs / People Vocabulary

Match people with correct descriptions.

1. One who treats sick people

2. One who repairs cars.

3. One who flies a plane.

4. A person who bakes bread.

5. One who treats our teeth.

6. A person who sells meat.

7. A person who collects stamps.

8. A person who kills famous people.

9. A person who sets fire to property.

10. One who always steals things and cannot stop doing it.


a - An Assassin

b - A dentist

c - A mechanic

d - A pilot

e - A butcher

f - An arsonist

g - A kleptomaniac

h - A philatelist

i - A doctor

j - A baker

Correctness =
Correct answers:
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