Reading Comprehension Test 11 

Reading Passage 11 - Practice of Medicine

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Answer the questions according to the reading passage.

Practice of Medicine

Modern scientific and technological developments in the practice of medicine and public health have drawn nursing into new and wider fields of activity, and its functions have been expanded accordingly. Therefore, nursing is no longer limited mainly to activities within the hospital, or to what is called curative nursing. It has become also a community service in which preventive and rehabilitative functions are a vital part of its program. The modern concept of nursing considers the hospital, however central, as only one of many health agencies in the community.

1. As we understand from the reading, today ----.

A) the only reason people go to hospitals is for nursing care
B) most of the nursing practice now takes place in people's homes
C) hospitals are not the only setting where people receive care or support
D) scientific and technological developments can't improve the quality of
        care that is delivered in hospitals
E) nursing care is not vital to the core competency of hospitals any more

2. One can infer from the passage that ----.

A) nurses were treating more people in the patient's own home in the past
B) hospitals are the only places where nursing care is crucial
C) nurses don't see the hospital and clinic as important units in the
        community health program
D) hospitals are still the most important component of the healthcare
E) nursing shortage has had significant consequences during the past few

3. According to the passage, the nurse's function has been expanded because of ----.

A) the nurse's activities in the hospital
B) hospitals, which are the most common work environments for nurses
C) the reluctance of nurses to work in the hospital
D) the necessity of working longer hours
E) the progress in science and technology in related fields

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