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Complete the exercise with appropriate tags.

1. Claudia wasn’t in the class, ?

 2. Mind the traffic, ?

 3. I am afraid he is seriously ill, ?

 4. He won't mind if I use his phone, ?

    No, of course he won't.

 5. He never acts like a gentleman, ?

 6. Everybody was very happy, ?

 7. Tom knows that his father is in the hospital, ?

 8. Don't drop that vase, ?

     No, don't worry.

 9. I think she deliberately provoked him, ?

10. I suspect he is in love, ?

11. I’m right, ?

12. I'm too impatient, ?

     Yes, you are sometimes.

13. It appears that she is enjoying herself, ?

14. You've got a camera, ?

     Yes, why? Do you want to borrow it?

15. Nothing about me is true, ?

16. Amanda would like to get a scholarship, ?

17. Carol can cope with the situation, ?

18. You weren't listening, ?

     Yes, I was!

19. I don’t suppose you are serious, ?

20. I don’t think anyone will volunteer, ?

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