Question Tags Worksheet 4

Tag Questions exercises with answers for ESL teachers and students:

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Question Tags

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Complete the exercise with appropriate tag questions.

1. I hope Sissy won’t come to the party, ?

2. Jack's on holiday, ?

Yes, he's in Portugal.

3. Let's go out tonight, ?

Yes, let's.

4. Listen, ?

OK, I'm listening.

5. There is a bus to 1st Street every hour, ?

6. Tom won't be late, ?

No, he's never late.

7. You wouldn't tell anyone ?

No, of course not.

8. I am not your best friend, am I?

9. We had to wait for a long time, ?

10. You can speak English, ?

Yes, but not very fluently.

11. You're tired, ?

12. She hardly ever goes to the parties, ?

13. She scarcely cares, ?

14. We’d rather live in the country, ?

15. Sue doesn't know Ann, ?

No, they've never met.

16. That suit is very expensive, ?

17. There are a lot of people here, ?

Yes, more than I expected.

18. This isn't very interesting, ?

No, not very.

19. You don’t like spinach, ?

20. Harry and Loyd won’t have to go there tomorrow, ?

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