Read Paragraphs - Animals

1. Prey Birds

Among the best-known birds are the birds of prey, such as hawks, eagles, ospreys, falcons, and owls. They have hooked beaks, strong talons or claws on their feet, and keen eyesight and hearing. ----. Ospreys and many eagles eat fish, falcons eat mostly insects, and owls eat everything from insects to fish and mammals.

A) Birds are warm-blooded animals, with feathers and wings
B) Unlike mammals, except for the duck-billed platypus, birds lay eggs
C) Their long wing feathers also help them to get the lift necessary for
D) The larger hawks and eagles prey on small mammals, such as rodents
E) Feathers provide insulation 'for birds, allowing them to maintain a high
        body temperature

2. The Jaguar

The jaguar Is sometimes called Americans El Tigre by South and Central Americans. ----. Both names convey the awe and reverence this largest New World cat inspires. Their gold coat spangled with black rosettes was said to be the stars of night. In the Mayan religion, the sun took the form of a jaguar when traveling through the underworld at night.

A) Jaguars are closely related to lions, tigers, and leopards
B) Jaguars live in the rain forests and more open countryside in South and
        Central America
C) They are known to be the largest members of the cat family there
D) Jaguars are strong swimmers and climbers, and they often prefer to live
        by rivers
E) Long ago, they called it Yaguara, the "cat that kills with a single spring"

3. Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies travel long distances to stay warm. They fly up to 3,000 miles to the same winter roosts, sometimes to the exact same trees. However, their life span is only a few months. ----. Their great-great-grandchildren return south the following fall.

A) Baby swallows and their parents learn each other's voices
B) Most of the bird species migrate south for the winter
C) Other butterflies also fly thousands of miles in search of warmth
D) So individual monarchs only make the round-trip once
E) The regular movement of animals during the year is called migration

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