Reading Comprehension Activity 12

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Human Developing

Answer the questions according to the reading passage.

Traffic Accidents

Much of the blood on the street flows essentially from uncivil behavior of drivers who refuse to respect the legal and moral rights of others. So the massacre on the road may be regarded as a social problem. Safety standards for vehicle have been raised both at the point of manufacture and through periodic road-worthiness inspections. In addition, speed limits have been lowered. Due to these measures, the accident rate has decreased. But the accident experts still worry because there has been little or no improvement in the way drivers behave.

1. According to the passage, traffic accidents may be regarded as a social problem since ----.

A) the motor vehicle is a very dangerous invention
B) the accidents have more to do with hazardous conditions than
        hazardous drivers
C) most of the accidents are caused by drivers who don't pay attention
        to the traffic rules
D) the irresponsibility that accounts for much of the problem is not
        confined to drivers
E) traffic accidents can cause serious economic damage

2. According to the passage, the number of accidents has fallen because ----.

A) significant advances have been made towards safer driving
B) many people now know that driving is a skilled task requiring constant
        care and concentration
C) drivers are warned to take extra care on the roads
D) drivers have finally learned how to behave
E) there has been improvement in the way drivers behave

3. It is pointed out in the passage that those who violate traffic regulations ----.

A) are the most inexperienced drivers that we have on the roads
B) always blame the road conditions
C) don't have prior traffic violations or crashes on their records
D) are the biggest threat to those with whom they share the road
E) don't know most of the traffic rules and regulations

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