Say vs Tell Worksheet 3

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Said vs Told Exercise 2

Fill in say or tell in the correct form.

1. Can you ---- me what time the film starts?

2. She ---- she would never speak to him again.

3. I promise to ---- the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth .

4. The policeman ---- that the man was lying.

5. Philip ---- it would probably rain tomorrow.

6. Susan ----, "Let's go out for dinner."

7. Jim ---- me everything about the party last night.

8. Our teacher ---- he was pleased with our work.

9. Yesterday my friend ---- he ---- (not) anyone my secret.

10. You had better stop ---- lies.

11. Could you please ---- me your name?

12. The little girl ---- her prayers and went to bed.

13. I really can't ---- Jane from Kate. Theyare twins.

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