Simple Past vs Present Perfect 2

Simple Past or Present Perfect Tenses Worksheet For ESL EFL Students and Teachers


Simple Past Tense
Present Perfect Tense
Verb Tenses Chart

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Simple Past / Present Perfect 1
Fill in the blanks with Simple Past or Present Perfect Tenses.

1. I ---- (know) Carl since I ---- (be) a little child.

2. ---- you ---- (see) Amy today?

3. I ---- (see) her in the morning but I ---- (not see) her since.

4. Everything was ready, so we quickly ---- (check) all the locks and ---- (drive off).

5. My uncle George ---- (never see) the sea in his life. I ---- (hear) him making plans to go sailing last week, though.

6. They ---- (call) us when they ---- (arrive) in Monaco last Saturday, but we ---- (not hear) from them ever since.

7. Jackie ---- (be) late several times in the past month that's why the boss ---- (warn) him a few minutes ago.

8. The students ---- (do) a lot of homework so far. I think it's time they ---- (take) a break.

9. Engineers ---- (work) to save the Tower of Pisa, but they ---- (not be able to) do anything significant yet.

10. Josh ---- (receive) several traffic citations over the past year.

11. Jack and Rita ---- (be) married for six years. They ---- (get) divorced six months ago.

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