Present Perfect vs Perfect Continuous Tenses Worksheet 2

Fill in the blanks with Present Perfect or Perfect Progressive Tenses

Subject Grammar:

Present Perfect Tense
Present Perfect Progressive Tense
Verb Tenses Timeline

More Exercises:

Present Perfect vs Perfect Progressive
Present Perfect vs Past Perfect Tenses
1. Those children ---- (eat) chocolate all day. That's why they feel sick!

2. Your phone looks old, how long ---- (have) it for?

3. They ---- (run) nonstop for 2 hours, I can't believe how they can do that.

4. Josh ---- (do/homework) for four hours and he still has a lot more to do.

5. I ---- (have) my car for 22 years, I think it's time to retire it.

6. Jerry ---- (not / see) the movie they are talking about.

7. You ---- (eat) two hamburgers, that's more than enough.

8. She ---- (not / take care) herself lately, I am afraid she is going to get sick.

9. We ---- (live) in this town for 16 years and we love it here.

10. Where ---- (you/be) in the past 3 hours?

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