Present Perfect vs Perfect Continuous Tenses Worksheet 2

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Fill in the blanks with Present Perfect or Perfect Progressive Tenses

1. Those children ---- (eat) chocolate all day. That's why they feel sick!

2. Your phone looks old, how long ---- (have) it for?

3. They ---- (live) in New York for 3 years before they ---- (move) to Seattle three months ago.

4. Debi ---- (study) for four hours when her father arrives.

5. By this time next year, I ---- (finish) the course and I ---- (start) to speak perfect English.

6. Sam ---- (drive) for six hours when he arrived in the village. He ---- (drive) more than 300 miles.

7. They ---- (work) for two hours by the time the manager arrives at six today.

8. By the time you received this letter yesterday, Dina ---- (leave) for Algeria.

9. When we meet again next week, I ---- (practice) tennis for at least a month .

10. She ---- (recover) her surgery by the time we visit her next Saturday.

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