Story Completion ESL 8 

ESL story completion exercise with short reading activities. Read and complete the passages on history with the correct options.

1. The Pyramids

Herodotus, a Greek who wrote about the building of the pyramids long after they had been built, claimed that the Great Pyramid took tens of thousands of men and twenty years to make. ----. The Egyptians hadn't learned to use the wheel or the pulley so lifted all of the stones using ramps and the cut stone was edged along the ramps on rollers, lubricated by milk or water. We don't know how many people died for the pyramids, but we know that most Egyptians would have been eager to participate in the building because the king would become a god who could bless or curse their lives.

A) The ancient Egyptians believed in many different gods and goddesses
B) However, even if those figures are not accurate, the construction of
        the pyramids was an amazing achievement
C) Daily life in Ancient Egypt revolved around the Nile and its fertile land
        along its banks
D) Each of the gods the ancient Egyptians believed in had their own roles
        to play in maintaining peace across the land
E) The dry air and drifting desert have preserved many records of Ancient
        Egypt including pyramids until modern times

2. Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire collapsed on October 30, 1918, when the Mondros Armistice was signed, after the Ottoman state and its allies had lost the Great War. ----. For example, the Straits of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles would be open to the ships of the Entente Powers. Also Turkish warships would be surrendered to the Entente Powers.

A) The treaty had very severe terms
B) Then they visited various parts of Anatolia
C) England was no longer a huge empire
D) No one is happy with the new situation
E) Istanbul was the capital city at the time

3. Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs died out around 65 million years ago. ----. The most accepted one is that a giant asteroid crashed into earth around this time and caused catastrophic changes to the climate. It was probably freezing co Id and the dinosaurs could not adapt to the new weather conditions.

A) There are several theories about why this happened
B) There were more than 700 different types of dinosaurs
C) Dinosaurs were reptiles which lived millions of years ago
D) They lived in the Mesozoic period - known as the "age of reptiles"
E) Special scientists called palaeontologists study fossils

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