ESL Tag Questions Exercise 2

Tag Questions exercises with answers for ESL teachers and students:

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Complete the sentences with appropriate tag questions.

1. They have to leave now, ----?

2. You closed the windows, ----?

3. It isn't cool enough in here, ----?

4. There were light switches by the door, ----?

5. I shouldn't eat before I go in swimming, ----?

6. You would take her to the dance if she would go, ----?

7. You do your homework every night, ----?

8. Marta doesn't call her family every day, ----?

9. Mark spliced those wires, ----?

10. He can receive an electric shock, ----?

11. He'll be more careful next time, ----?

12. You haven't had a very busy day, ----?

13. He has a new assignment, ----?

14. A military officer can't have a second job, ----?

15. He had the battery charged, ----?

16. The thunder scares the children, ----?

17. She had another appointment, ----?

18. James has made the reservation, ----?

19. There aren't any problems, ----?

20. The police caught the criminal, ----?

21. I'm correct about the answer, ----?

22. We have to go to work, ----?

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Correct answers:
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