Telling the Time

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It is half past four.

It is seven o'clock.

It is a quarter past nine.

It is a quarter to two.

It is ten past three.

It is ten to four.

It is twenty to six.

It is twenty past 10.
It is four thirty

It is seven o'clock.

It is nine fifteen

It is one forty five

It is three ten.

It is three fifty.

It is five forty

It is ten twenty.

AM vs PM

When 12 hour time is used we sometimes add am or pm to the time to distinguish the first half of the day from the second half.

AM: Is from midnight to noon (Midnight...Morning...11:59 am)

PM: Is from noon to midnight (Noon...Evening...11:59 pm)


12:00 pm is noon
12:00 am is midnight

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