Present Perfect vs Perfect Progressive

Complete with present perfect or present perfect continuous tense.

1. I have bought / have been buying a new pair of shoes.

2. Have you finished / Have you been finishing reading that book yet?

3. I have been reading / have read this book now, so you can have it back.

4. I haven’t seen / haven’t been seeing you for ages.

5. I have finished / have been finishing my work.

6. I have lost/ have been losing my key.

7. I have been writing / have written three letters since now.

8. He has visited / has been visiting ten museums this week.

9. She has found / has been finding a good job.

10. 8. Oh, no! There’s no wine to drink. They have drunk / have been drinking all the wine.

11. I have been writing / have written eight pages already.

12. She has fallen / has been falling off the horse.

13. My bother has won / has been winning the lottery.

14. I have driven / have been driving for over eight hours now. I am extremely tired.

15. I have submitted / have been submitting my report.

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