Adjectives Adverbs Quizzes 6

Complete the sentences with the correct alternative.

1. Your blue skirt is ---- the one you've got on, Mary; why don't you change into it?

much worse than
the best of
much nicer than
as better as
more expensive than

2. He's one of ---- people I've ever met. He never stops talking and never says anything ----.

the least bored / interested
the more boring / interesting
the most boring / interesting
the more bored / interested
the least boring / interested

3. He has got ---- blg feet ---- he has difficulty finding shoes to fit him.

as / as
such / as
so / that
such / that
more / than

4. You looked ---- this morning but you look ---- now.

depressing / a lot happier
happier / a bit depressing
depressed / much happy
depressed / a bit happier
a bit happier / more depressing

5. ---- electricity you use, ---- your bill will be.

The more / the lower
The less / the higher
The more / the higher
The most / the lowest
The least / the highest

6. This bed is not ---- for two people to sleep in.

wide as
wide enough
wider than
too wide
the widest

7. I wasn't ---- nervous before the interview ---- I usually am.

such / as
so / as
too / than
much / than
such / that

8. It's ---- to learn a foreign language in the country where it is spoken than in another country.

a lot easier
much easy
more easily
the easier

9. ---- a room is, ---- it is likely to be.

The most expensive / the most comfortable
The more expensive / the more comfortable
The most expensive / more comfortable
The more expensive / the most comfortable
More expensive / more comfortable

10. The fault in the engine is ---- this time than it was the last time.

much more serious
as serious as
so serious that
a lot serious
far more seriously than

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