Adj/Adv Superlative Comparative 5

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. Preparing frozen food is ---- anyone can do it.

so easy that
too easy that
such easy that
easier than
the easiest

2. Last year Americans spent six times ---- money for pet food as they did for baby food.

so many
such a
as much
as many
much more

3. "Mr. Smith is always beautifully dressed."
"Yes, he wears ---- nice clothes that everybody envies him."

such a
so much

4. "What do you think of Frank's new project?"
"---- we hear about it, ---- enthusiastic we get."

The more / the more
The most / the least
Less / the most
The less / more
More / less

5. I could have found the place ---- if I had a map.

more easier
more easily
as easily
the easiest

6. You could get the answer ---- with a calculator.

far more easily
much easy
as easy as
easier than
the easiest

7. Wednesday is ---- the doctor can see you, I'm afraid.

so earlier
much more earlier
the earliest
earlier as

8. She is ---- than Rose and has more to think about.

more thoughtful
so thoughtful
such a thoughtful
so much thoughtful
the more thoughtful

9. The price by air from Rome to Paris is ---- than the price by train.

a higher
a lot higher
the highest
a more higher
most highest

10. The crisis we are facing now is ---- than any of the previous ones.

the most serious
more serious
as serious
far more seriously

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