Adjectives Adverbs Tests

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.

1. Supposedly, digital voice discs, or DVDs as they are called, are ---- resistant to scratching ---- records.

A) much / than
B) so / as
C) such / that
D) far more / than
E) many more / that

2. I don't have ---- much time for reading ---- I would like to.

A) as / as
B) more / than
C) so / that
D) too / that
E) such / that

3. English is today the third ---- native language worldwide after Chinese and Hindi, with some 380 million speakers.

A) the most spoken
B) the more spoken
C) much spoken
D) the least spoken
E) most spoken

4. My students' sleepless nights became ---- as the finals approached.

A) so frequently
B) more frequent
C) as frequent
D) much more frequently
E) far more frequent than

5. It is often said that the hyena is an aggressive animal, but in fact it is not ---- many people believe.

A) more vicious
B) so vicious that
C) as viciously as
D) so vicious as
E) more viciously than

6. The cupboard was ---- big ---- fit through the door, so we had to take it apart first.

A) too / to
B) more / than
C) so / that
D) enough / to
E) as / as

7. The roots of the old tree spread out ---- thirty meters in all directions and damaged nearby buildings.

A) too much
B) as much as
C) so much
D) so many as
E) much more

8. According to the recent election's results, the Democrats are ---- of the four main political parties.

A) the smaller
B) smallest
C) much smaller
D) smaller
E) the smallest

9. Ever since the use of natural gas became widespread, London isn't ---- a polluted city ---- it was ten years ago.

A) as / as
B) such / as
C) so / that
D) more / than
E) enough / to

10. The plot of the novel was ---- it was completely incomprehensible.

A) more complicated
B) such complicated
C) so complicated that
D) much more complicated than
E) so complicated as

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