Beginners Adjectives Ing - Ed Worksheet

Choose the correct form of the verbs with ing or ed.

1. I feel so when you are right next to me.

2. It was such a movie that I couldn't go to sleep.

3. I was with joy on seeing the crowd.

4. Our school trip was short but .

5. Our new teacher has ideas.

6. This map is so , I don't think it will be helpful.

7. After twelve hours of flight, I feel .

8. I felt so when my cell phone rang in the library.

9. Speeding may be but so dangerous.

10. I am so to meet you.

11. The old man's story was so .

12. The food in this cafe is .

13. I am of dogs.

14. Global warming is .

15. Barbara is an girl, she loves showing off.

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Correct answers:

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