Gerunds Infinitives Beginners Worksheet 1

Choose the Gerund 'ING' vs the Infinitive 'TO' form of the given verbs to complete the sentences.

1. William sent an email for a job application, he is looking forward (hear) from them.

2. Sophia is tired, she spent all her day (shop).

3. Mark suggested (go) to the cinema to his girlfriend.

4. Emilio and Carla considered (move) abroad but they renounced.

5. Sam was angry, he told me (leave) him alone.

6. Rio enjoys (travel), especially to very different places.

7. Anna's father persuaded her (sell) her car.

8. We couldn't leave because Elizabeth continued (eat) her big meal.

9. Before going to party Any promised (come) back at 11 pm.

10. Tony is a heavy smoker, he can't stop (smoke) .

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