Beginners If Statement Worksheet 1

Choose the proper options to complete the if statements correctly.

1. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we (go) to the park with the kids.

2. If Lori (have) some potatoes, I can make mashed potatoes for dinner.

3. If you (understand) this question, you will be able to solve the others.

4. Sarah will be so surprised if Andrew (ask) her for a date.

5. If you don't stop bothering me, I (call) the police.

6. If Tom comes late, we (miss) the train.

7. If his Covid19 test result (be) negative, Jack will go to Spain.

8. My dad will join us tonight if he (finish) his work early.

9. If you (be) sick, you can't go to the party tomorrow.

10. If Carley and Anthony (travel) by plane, it will be more expensive.

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