Conjunctions Beginners Worksheet

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Choose the correct conjunctions for the following exercise.

1. Sam needs to go back to the supermarket he forgot to buy eggs.

2. My uncle can't afford to buy a new car, he is looking for a second hand one.

3. Caroline likes to add sugar milk in her coffee.

4. Gary is tired, he has to work a little more to finish his homework.

5. There are three pencils two books on the table.

6. Andy fell asleep on the couch he was very tired.

7. Claire and Adam want to go to Paris visit the Eiffel Tower.

8. The teacher is angry the students are making a lot of noise.

9. Brian is handsome, he is not polite.

10. Mark is at the hospital the accident.

11. Elly moved to Italy she received a great job offer there.

12. Christine is crying the movie was very touching.

13. I don't want to go to the bakery, I will borrow some bread from the neighbor.

14. Jennifer is smart, she is careless.

15. Suzy wakes up at 7 am, she leaves the house at 8 am everyday.

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