Conjunction Words Quiz 6

Choose the appropriate conjunctions to complete the sentences.

1. ---- you are a professional, you shouldn't attempt to clean or adjust the inner optics of your microscope.

As long as
But for

2. High blood pressure and diabetes are examples of diseases that should be aggressively treated ---- prevent severely disabling and potentially life threatening events such as a stroke.

because of
in that
even though
in view of
in order to

3. The main reason people smoke is ---- they are addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes.

due to
regardless of

4. Since the 1970s, psychoanalysis has become less popular; ----, some people still prefer this kind of treatment.

now that
so that

5. You should encourage your child to eat all foods ---- he will get a well-balanced meal.

even though
in case
so that
for instance

6. According to a theory the tunnels under San Diego were built ---- enemies attacked the city.

in order to
in case
so that
on condition that

7. ---- AIDS has spread worldwide, southern Africa continues to be the worst affected area of the globe.

Thanks to
Much as
In spite of

8. ---- long you have been smoking, your body begins to repair itself as soon as you quit.

No matter how

9. In countries, where natural disasters such as floods frequently happen, hospitals should determine which areas are safe and which could be evacuated ---- severe damage.

in the event of
much as
in order that
with the aim of

10. The price of oil and oil products began dropping drastically at the beginning of 1998 ---- many famous, large oil companies are cutting back drastically.

as a result of
that's why
for fear that
in addition to
so as to

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