Mixed Conjunctions Quiz 8

Choose the appropriate transitions to complete the sentences.

1. Canada's economy was greatly affected in the 1920s ---- the over-production of goods and by the over expansion of industries.

because of
but for

2. Sandy doesn't even know how to use a dictionary ---- she is trying to learn French.

due to
as for
now that

3. When his mother died, the novelist John Lanchester discovered that ---- the name that he knew her by ---- her date of birth were false.

both / and
neither / or
either / nor
whether / or
as / as

4. ---- dramatic were electric and electronic inventions ---- they overshadowed advances in media for recording visual images and sound.

So / that
So / as
As / as
Either / or
No sooner / than

5. In some parts of the world the poor are going without food ---- the rich live In luxury.

in case
in order to

6. ---- the brain has been determined to be dead, it is possible to keep the heart and lungs operating by machine.

Even if
Even so
Only if
In spite of
In case of

7. ---- similarities in purpose among all tribal dances, differences existed from culture to culture.

In spite of
Due to

8. --- sand dunes are spectacular features of deserts, they're not as common or widespread as generally believed.

Contrary to

9. The automotive industry is an indicator of a nation's economic health in ---- industrialized countries ---- the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

both / and
neither / nor
not only / but also
such / as
much / as

10. ---- next year, all US model building codes will incorporate ground motion hazard maps derived from the geological survey studies.

As of
As to

Score =
Correct answers:

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