Mixed Conjunctions Test 9

Complete the sentences with the appropriate conjunctions.

1. An international committee issued a depressing forecast of how human beings and natural ecosystems will be Influenced in the future, ---- the effects of global warming intensify.


2. ---- you can keep the elderly active, their quality of life improves so much.

Even if
For all
In case of

3. It is easier to study animals and plants than human beings ---- plant and animal behaviors can be controlled and monitored.

due to
in the event of

4. ---- computers, ecologists have simulated communities containing various plants and animals.

According to
Seeing that
By means of

5. ---- children get older, their questions get harder to answer.

Because of
In case
In order that

6. Ecologists try to find out how the Earth's environments can be preserved ---- living things will continue to survive on the planet.

thanks to
now that
in order to
so that
in case

7. ---- laws for protection, many of the desert aquatic habitats and their associated species are still in danger.

Even though
No matter

8. Milk must be moved rapidly from the farm to the consumer and kept cold ---- it will not spoil.

so as to
in case
so that

9. Experts estimate that we are losing 137 plant, animal and insect species every single day ---- rainforest deforestation.

much as
as a result
due to

10. ---- fuel prices increased, ---- did the demand for smaller, fuel-efficient cars.

As / so
As / nor
So / so
Whether / or
Both / and

11. ---- teaching, my father has always been involved in public affairs.

in addition
No matter
As well as
In order to

12. ---- Joseph, who was exceedingly anxious for power, Napoleon's second brother, Lucien, was an ardent republican.

In contrast

13. She was aware of the fact that she was not responsible for her parents' state of mind, ---- was she responsible for the state of their marriage.


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