Conjunctions Test 3

Chose the correct conjunctions.

1. ---- oil was discovered in Alberta as early as 1914, the oil and gas industry really took off in the late 1960s when large deposits were discovered.

By contrast
As a result
In spite of the fact that

2. ---- museums, libraries and archives are cultural institutions, they should ensure that their collections are built up in accordance with universally recognized moral principles.

In view of
In order to
As if
Considering that
In case

3. Smallpox was eventually declared eradicated in 1980, ---- a vigorous campaign of immunization by the World Health Organization.

thanks to
now that
in spite of
except for

4. During the war of 1812, the Royal Navy had more ships than the U.S. Navy; ----, they were able to maintain a tight blockade on American waters and transport British Army troops to American shores.

by contrast
but for

5. Telecare is a telephone support service in the US which provides contact with people who are alone and isolated ---- they are aged or have disabilities.

in contrast to
on the other hand
on grounds of

6. Though Cholera is spread ---- directly or through flies and waste, water is the chief medium for spread of this disease and hence it is termed as water-borne disease.

not only

7. ---- offering the most essential services to mankind, the coastal wetlands and marine life of the Asian countries generate income for millions of people.

Considering that
Apart from
No matter

8. Businesses are failing ---- a lack of trained workers and people to buy products.

that's why
in addition
because of
in spite of

9. The coconut palm is ---- highly valued by the Pacific Islanders as both a source of food and medicine that it is called The Tree of Life.


10. The research in biotechnology will provide ---- dramatic medical breakthroughs but also millions of dollars in new investment, and new opportunities for many people.

not only

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