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Everyday Dialogue Examples
Complete the following five short conversations with the most appropriate sentences.

        I have had sleep disorder for nearly 3 months.
        No, I wanted to see a doctor first.
        You did the right thing. Now I will give you so me pills for that.

A) Have you done anything about it?
B) Why didn't you see a doctor immediately alter this complaint started?
C) Do you know what I should do about it?
D) Did you have this complaint the last time you came to me?
E) Your situation is really serious so you should immediately start getting
        professional help.

        You haven't been looking so well recently. Anything wrong?
        Yes. Yesterday I had to take my mother to hospital due to high blood
        Not really. All she has to do is to follow a strict diet.

A) It is not a very serious illness. You don't need to worry.
B) I hope she is fine now. Please let me know how she is when she is back
        from hospital.
C) Oh God! How is she right now? Anything serious?
D) I told her that she had lo be careful with what she ate but she never
        listens to me.
E) I am sorry I didn't know. Is she OK now?

        Are we supposed to hand in our assignments by Friday?
        No, we have time until the end of this month. Have you finished it yet?
        Neither have I. I really don't know what to do.

A) No, I haven't. I'm still trying lo find some reference books but I haven't
        found any yet.
B) Yes, I didn't sleep last night in order to complete it.
C) I am nearly done but I still need some help for the cover.
D) I didn't even know about it until yesterday. I found out when John
        talked to me about it.
E) You never change. You always do your work on the last day, don't

        Do you remember when Lili's birthday is?
        I hope it is not past yet; she would never forgive us if we forgot it.
        You are absolutely right, let me check my calendar.

A) Yes, I do. it was last month and we had a party for her.
B) Don't worry. You have ten more days before her birthday.
C) Not exactly, but as far as remember it must be close.
D) What do you have to do with her birthday? You are not even friends
E) Don't tell me you have forgotten lo celebrate her birthday.

        What do you think of the recent developments in the economy?
        Don't you? The inflation has recently reached its highest level in the
        nation's history.
        But it is not surprising for such a bad economy management as ours.

A) I don't think there is a problem. We are the best when it is economy
B) Everything seems to be alright but I don't think I am good at economic
C) I think unless they take some precautions, it will really be a hard year
        for most of us.
D) I am so busy with my work that I don't have time to watch news at all
        and I have no idea what's going on lately.
E) I am the last one to ask such a question as I hate economics.

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