ESL Conversation Exercise 2

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Everyday Dialogue Examples
Complete the intermediate level ESL conversations correctly by choosing the best options.

        I heard you are taking a Spanish class at the community college.
        Yes, I'm going to Guatemala next spring and I thought knowing a little
        Spanish would make the trip easier.
        I have a course catalogue. We can see whether or not they're offering
        a French course next semester.

A) I had done the same thing when I went to live with my sister who is
        living in France.
B) It will take you more time to master it.
C) Could you tell me how you found the course?
D) I'm visiting my brother in Marseilles next year. Maybe I should take a
        French class.
E) Are you satisfied with that course?

        Are you going to the post office?
        Why are you asking?
        I can hold off for a few minutes, but that's all.

A) I'm working on some letters, but they are not quite ready.
B) I might come with you. That's why I'm asking.
C) If you are so busy, I can go instead of you.
D) I have already posted the letters, so you don't need to go
E) I am not going to the post office. I'll go later in the afternoon.

        Have you heard about Timmy?
        No, is there something wrong with him?
        Really? I hope it is not too serious.

A) He told me that he was on holiday.
B) No, but I just wonder if he is OK.
C) He had to be rushed to the emergency room yesterday.
D) He recovered from his illness long ago.
E) It could be, but I am not sure.

        Why not find another laundry?
        I have already done that, but nothing changed.
        Then, you should try washing them yourself. That might help.

A) How do you manage to clean your clothes spotlessly?
B) What do you think about the colors of my new shirt?
C) I am not pleased with the way my clothes look when they are cleaned.
D) I have washed the white colours with black ones and ruined all my
E) Since my mother went on holiday, I haven't been able to deal with the

        Why are you studying in the living room?
        Then we will ask your father to look at it when he comes home.
        It will be great as I can't concentrate on my lessons thoroughly in this room.

A) I got bored in my room and wanted a company.
B) The lamp in my room isn't working.
C) There had been too much noise coming from the next door.
D) Our bookshelf is in this room and I am fed up with going to my room
        and coming back here.
E) I have already asked him to do that, but he couldn't mend it.

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