ESL Dialogue Completion 7

Improve your English reading and understanding skills with free dialogue completion exercises online. (KET, PET, IELTS practice)

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Everyday Dialogue Examples
Complete the following short dialogues with the most appropriate options.

        I've got to read this report before I go to the meeting tomorrow.
        It's not a big deal. If you start now, you will finish it soon.
        Then you should have started reading it a long time ago.

A) But the report has got over two hundred pages.
B) I guess you're right. I must go back to my room now.
C) I would like to read it, too. I've got plenty of time.
D) You don't have to. No one will notice that you've lost it.
E) We don't need to attend the meeting. It's not mandatory.

        Tom has got very good ideas but he cannot explain them very well.
        He takes notes of his creative ideas, and I've read some of them.
        I would like to be able to have a look at them.

A) I know. He would be a great scientist if he were given a good
B) Stop telling me about Tom. You know I don't like him at all.
C) I used to have some great ideas too, but no one was interested.
D) How do you know that he has got very good ideas?
E) I don't want to sound rude, but I simply do not care.

        I'm an idiot. I failed the math course again.
        Who am I going to blame then?
        Put the blame on the system. That's what most students do.

A) Again? I can't believe you. It's time you started to study
B) Don't blame yourself. You studied as hard as you could.
C) You shouldn't criticize him so harshly.
D) I don't think you should worry about it
E) What about the other courses? Are you doing any better?

        A group of foreign investors are going to take over our company.
        I'm sure i will have some trouble.
        Then you had better start looking for a new job.

A) Actually, I don't think it's true.
B) When did you realize that you would never be promoted?
C) Do you think this will affect your status?
D) If I had so much money, I would do the same thing.
E) We had a lot of trouble finding the block where she worked.

        Do you believe in rumors saying Alice will quit?
        I know there are but do you believe them?
        I don't know what to believe.

A) I asked her about it but she didn't say anything
B) I can't figure out why there is such an accusation about her.
C) There are some people saying that.
D) Yes, I do. What about you?
E) Of course I don't but you never know.

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