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Everyday Dialogue Examples
Given five short Intermediate level ESL dialogues with missing parts, choose the options that complete each paragraph correctly.

        This weather is killing me. I can't breathe.
        Yes. I do but it's boiling today.
        You're right. Shall we go to the pool?

A) It's much higher than the average.
B) I thought you liked hot weather.
C) Do you listen to the weather report?
D) You don't want to swim today, do you?
E) You should have listened to the weather forecast before you went out.

        I'm not sure. Why do you think he is?
        He doesn't even say a word unless he is asked a question.
        It's probably because he doesn't have any friends yet.

A) Don't you think the new student is a little strange?
B) The teacher warned the new student to come to class on time.
C) Is your father interested in modern education techniques?
D) The taxi driver doesn't see m to know the city very well.
E) Is your brother doing better at school this year?

        Shall we watch the football match tonight in a pub?
        Shame on you. The national team is playing against Germany.
        You know I don't like football very much.

A) Why not? You could come to my place. Don't forget to bring some fruit,
        will you?
B) I didn't know there was going to be a match tonight.
C) Pubs are very crowded when there is a big match on TV.
D) I would rather play football than watch it.
E) I am not available tonight, so why don't we play another day?

        I don't want you to come back home so late again.
        It was too late for a girl at your age. I don't want to discuss this.
        Okay, mom. I won't do that again.

A) It was not late, mom. it was only ten o'clock.
B) Do you have any idea what time it is?
C) Neither do I, but I think it's too early to punish her.
D) If you keep talking, how do you expect me to concentrate on what I
        am doing right now?
E) This is the first time I have been so late for work.

        You don't seem to brush your teeth regularly.
        You know how bad they are for general health, don't you?
        Of course, I do. But I can't stop myself.

A) I don't but I promise that i will from now on.
B) I'm warning you. You can't insult me like this.
C) I've brushed my teeth regularly since I was a child.
D) Actually, I do, but I eat a lot of sweets.
E) How do you know that I don't brush them regularly?

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