Gerunds vs Infinitives Worksheet 5

Fill in the blanks with gerund or infinitive forms of the given verbs.

1. Foreign students signed up for a language course ---- (learn) English.

2. A three-year-old child manages ---- (draw) circles, lines and even squares.

3. Children enjoy ---- (do) an activity more if they do it in a group.

4. Same students tend ---- (cheat) in exams if there is no one to supervise.

5. You should avoid ---- (argue) with everybody.

6. Judi claims ---- (be) the top student in her class.

7. I have studied as hard as I could, so I expect ---- (pass) this exam.

8. My father gave up ---- (smoke) a year ago.

9. The teacher refused ---- (give) any further clues about the question.

10. The student denied ---- (break) the window.

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