Infinitives vs Gerunds Exercise 4

Fill in the blanks with gerund or infinitive form of the given verbs.

1. Sarah and her grandmother enjoyed ---- (spend) time together.

2. Those people who are fed up with ---- (wake up) very early in the morning can look for part-time jobs.

3. Your children are making a lot of noise. Do you mind ---- (warn) them about their behavior?

4. The man who was moving in with his friends, said that he was tired of ---- (live) alone.

5. The English national soccer team is looking forward to ---- (play) in USA.

6. Many parents think that it is exciting ---- (have) twins.

7. Jack's boss gave him a call ---- (ask) some questions.

8. Erin told her parents that she would like ---- (study) math at a reputable college.

9. My 6 year-old cousin likes ---- (surf) on the net.

10. ---- (be) a teacher is one of the most popular jobs.

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