Gerunds and Infinitives Worksheet 3

Complete the sentences with a gerund or an infinitive.

1. My sister doesn't want to come with us because she hates ---- (do) windsurfing.

2. The baby keeps crying. Does his father mind ---- (take) care of him a bit.

3. Jenny has problems with her mother in law. As far as it seems, she is tired of ---- (fight) with her.

4. Two students applied for the Doctorate program and they look forward to ---- (have) a positive reply from the university.

5. After hearing a noise, Ken turned the lights on ---- (see) everything clearly.

6. Experts say that it is pretty dangerous ---- (do) bungee jumping.

7. Even though Brian has many good friends, he sometimes enjoys ---- (be) alone.

8. Harry's wife is fed up with ---- (clean) the house on her own.

9. Jerry and Loyd enjoyed ---- (play) video games.

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