Passive Causative Test 3

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences in passive or active form.

1. Camera footage shows that illegal goods ---- into the warehouse last week.

are being smuggled
are smuggled
were smuggled

2. Millions of tons of coal ---- every day to produce energy.

are burning
are burnt
will burn

3. According to studies, single women often lack satisfactory life Insurance coverage and 64 percent of American women --- life insurance at all.

aren't carried
don't carry
weren't carried
didn't carry

4. The taste of the coffee ---- by how and where the coffee bean is grown.

should have affected
has to be affected
can be affected
could affect

5. Many teachers agree that one's language skills ---- by listening to others.

could have improved
can improve
used to improved
can be improved

6. The board ---- to consider a range of options by many, including Microsoft raising its offer in an attempt to break the stalemate between the companies.

was expected
is expecting
will expect
has expected

7. New methods of dating ancient footprints show that the first Americans --- there at least 25,000 years earlier than thought.

must be settled
should be settled
can settle
may have settled

8. The CSU team today ---- an updated forecast that predicts eight hurricanes - four of them with winds exceeding 110 miles.

has released
may be released
had released
is released

9. There are many factors behind the sharp increase in the oil price, which ---- most of the time.

had been overlooked
have been overlooked
are overlooking
will overlook

10. The hundreds of millions of people who live on the border of poverty ---- with the threat of starvation now.

are faced
had faced
had bee faced

11. When I ---- him two weeks ago, he told me that he had returned from the South of France.

have met
will be met
may be met

12. As education, culture and the level of income ---- better, needs also expand and reach new dimensions.

to get

13. When he heard the accusations against him, the man ---- that he himself was the actual victim of the crime.

was alleged
has alleged
will be alleged

14. As I have put on weight recently, I have to get the tailor ---- my suit before my graduation ceremony.

to fixing
to fix

15. The best thing that you can do to extend the life of your car is to have your car ---- on a routine basis.

to service
to be serviced

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