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1. ---- El Paso is an American city, much of the population there speaks Spanish.

A) Since
B) However
C) No matter
D) Moreover
E) Although

2. My cat is always getting into trouble. He's one of ---- behaved cats I've ever known!

A) such bad
B) the worse
C) the worst
D) so badly
E) too badly

3. The international space station ---- in operation by the year 2000, but with the recent delays, nobody ---- when it will actually be.

A) should be/will know
B) must have been/has known
C) ought to be/should know
D) might have been/knew
E) was supposed to be/knows

4. Alexander Hamilton's house, ---- is now a museum in Harlem, New York City, was originally located on a farm.

A) whom
B) which
C) that
D) where
E) whose

5. I don't know ---- Mark Twain changed his name from Samuel Clemens, do you?

A) that
B) whom
C) what
D) why
E) which

6. Though many people ---- the turn of the millennium at midnight on 31st December, 1999, most authorities agree that the third millennium ---- until 1st January, 2O01.

A) will be celebrating/won't begin
B) are celebrating/isn't beginning
C) have been celebrating/doesn't begin
C) have been celebrating/doesn't begin
E) will celebrate/wasn't beginning

7. Unless a cheap method for getting the salt out of sea water ---- the world ---- to be plagued by water shortages.

A) will be covered/is continuing
B) had been discovered/continued
C) is discovered/will continue
D) is being discovered/is continuing
E) would be discovered/has continued

8. Please take this letter to the post office on your way to work, ----?

A) doesn't it
B) aren't you
C) does it
D) will you
E) have you

9. My father looked at me with ---- anger in his eyes ---- I was afraid to say anything to defend myself.

A) so / as
B) more / than
C) enough / that
D) too / for
E) such / that

10. Our flight has been cancelled, ---- we'll have to wait here for a few more hours.

A) though
B) since
C) just as
D) so
E) yet

11. This exercise is simply ---- for me to do at the moment because I'm out of practice.

A) as hard
B) too hard
C) the harder
D) harder than
E) such hard

12. Experiments ---- that sharks ---- prey solely by smell.

A) show / should be detected
B) are showing / are detected
C) will show / should have detected
D) are shown / must detect
E) have shown / can detect

13. The writing on the envelope was ---- illegible ---- the postman couldn't deliver the letter.

A) so / that
B) such / as
C) too / that
D) more / than
E) as / as

14. It would be sensible ---- from your present job until you've found another one.

A) to be resigned
B) to be resigning
C) not resigning
D) not being resigned
E) not to resign

15. Rome, ---- vehicles are often crowded and full of pickpockets, has an inadequate underground system, and an unreliable bus service.

A) which
B) why
C) that
D) where
E) when

16. The employees' pension levels on retirement differ according to ---- years they have worked for the company.

A) how many
B) how often
C) how long
D) how far
E) how much

17. Brian ---- his exam; otherwise, he ---- to tell us the good news.

A) should fail / should have called
B) will fail / had been calling
C) may have failed / is calling
D) had failed / will have been calling
E) must have failed / would have called

18. The Harpers have eight children, ---- names all begin with the letter 'H'.

A) which
B) whose
C) that
D) whom
E) when

19. My son is growing so fast. He's two inches ---- he was last year.

A) taller than
B) too tall
C) the tallest
D) as tall as
E) so tall that

20. I wonder if you'd mind ---- the window? It's getting quite chilly.

A) close
B) closing
C) to close
D) closed
E) to be closing

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