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ILSC LevelB4 - I1
Canadian Language Benchmark4-5
Common European FrameworkA2 - B1
Cambridge Main SuitKET / PET
Cambridge BusinessBEC Preliminary
IELTS4 - 4.5
TOEFL ITP0 - 400
TOEIC®400 - 550

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Cumle Tamamlama Sorulari
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Complete the sentences with the most appropriate options.

1. Even though the two parties appear united in negotiations, ----.

A) the level of trust between them will always remain, at best, tenuous
B) they weren’t able to agree on the subject
C) they will eventually reach an agreement
D) it is impossible for him to succeed
E) the president unexpectedly rejected it

2. The moment I saw the sad face of my girl friend, ----.

A) I begin to feel depressed
B) I have realized that we will have a discussion about our relationship
C) I had decided to leave the house
D) I found out that something was wrong
E) she has gone out to have a walk

3. You had better take your mobile phone with you ----.

A) so that you can lose it
B) or I couldn’t have called you
C) because I will not be at home during the whole day
D) If you had wanted to go abroad
E) in case you may not find one when you are in need of it

4. ---- when they learned that the chairman would not be able to join the meeting.

A) Hardly had the committee learned the reason of the meeting
B) When they realized why they were all there in that early time of the
C) It wasn’t until they got a phone call about an urgent meeting the next
D) However professional they tried to be seen
E) They will have already discussed the most important subjects

5. ----, the Grammys are the highest rated.

A) There are many music awards shows in the US
B) Although Grammys are considered to be highly prestigious
C) Because there is only one big music awards show in the US
D) Much as people are looking forward to next Grammy awards show
E) Of the "big three" music awards shows

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