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Answer the questions according to the reading

Adapting To Change

Sometimes an animal copes with a changed situation, not by adapting to it, but by moving away from it to another location. There, it may still have to adapt, but the type of adaptation may be easier. There are primitive races of man that have attempted to avoid the pressures or changes that civilization brings. They have had to adjust to living in remote or harsh conditions. Examples are the pygmies of the Congo who have escaped into the thickest jungles which are full of dangers. They have learned to obtain a living there and to cope with wild animals. African bushmen manage to live off the arid Kalahari Desert where there is hardly any other life. Life is tough for the bushmen but they are left in peace. These social adaptations could well lead to biological adaptations over a number of generations, but this is a very slow progress and it is unlikely that any single person would be aware of it taking place.

1. Instead of adapting, an animal ----.

A) goes around for finding a prey
B) prefers not to live in another environment
C) is in need of food and water
D) must find ways to feed itself
E) moves into different habitat from time to time

2. Some earliest human beings ----.

A) have nothing to do with adaptation
B) are not primitive at all
C) had to live in distant and unpleasant environment
D) become civilized easily
E) had never tried to beware the changes of civilization

3. It is clear in the passage that ----.

A) life is hard for the bushmen so they gave up
B) the pygmies of the Congo were subject to the dangers of wild animals
C) Possibly the slow change is stilt taking place in mankind today
D) No man has more difficulties than African bushmen
E) There is no obligation for human beings to find a new environment

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