As If As Though Exercise

As If As Though Exercise

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Like vs As Grammar
Choose the correct word or phrase.

1. Jill's eyes are red. She ---- she has cried.

looks as if
looks like

2. Ben ---- very smart for his age. Actually he can be considered to be mature.

looks as though

3. It ---- rain, so let's not go anywhere but stay indoors.

looks like
looks to

4. The surface of the table ---- it has been hit with something hard.

feels as if
feels like

5. You ---- something is bothering you, my dear. Is there a problem?

look as if

6. The soup ---- horrible, but Molly was too polite to refuse to eat it.

tasted as though

7-8. Your perfume makes me ---- hungry because it ---- vanilla.

feel             feel as though
smells like     smells as if

9. The noise coming from outside ---- a UFO that we know from science fiction films.

sounded as though
sounded like

10. It ---- strange that there is no one to serve us in the shop.

seems like

11. This room ---- so hot. Don't you think we should open the windows?

feels as if

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