Reading Comprehension Tests 34

Read the short passage below and answer the questions according to the reading.

Answers are given at the bottom of the exercise.

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Speaking vs Listening

Communication in Groups

The sheer number of people in a group affects the amount of communication. Consider the difference between communication between two friends and communication in a group of live people. When friends talk, there are two people sending and receiving messages. In a group of live, there are live people doing the same thing. Each idea that is expressed must be understood by four others, who may also choose to respond. Consequently, the greater number of people in a group, the fewer contributions any individual may make. Because there are disadvantages to large groups, you might assume that small groups would be the most effective.However, groups can be too small as well as 100 large. With 100 few members, a group has limited resources, which eliminates a primary advantage of groups for decision making. Also, in very small groups, members may be unwilling lo disagree or criticize each other's ideas. I believe that five to seven members is the ideal size for a small group.

1. We can conclude from the reading that in large groups ----.

A) there is always a chaos at the end of each discussion
B) no one criticizes each other's ideas
C) before a decision is made everyone has to express their ideas
D) everyone is free to express their ideas as much as they want
E) there is less opportunity for each person to speak

2. According to the passage, small groups ----.

A) are always more successful than large groups in terms of decision
B) can have some disadvantages as well
C) express their criticism more freely than large groups
D) have always infinite resources
E) are unable to make a decision at the end of discussions

3. The author of the article suggests that ----.

A) the number of people in a small group must not be more than five
B) large groups are always superior to small groups
C) the ideal size for a small group should be five to seven
D) small groups are better as members of them have a chance lo criticize
        each other
E) everyone should listen to each other's ideas no matter how large the
        group is

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