Despite vs In Spite Of

Despite and in spit of are two conjunctions of contrast that are confused. See the explanations below to understand their usage.

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Use Of Despite And In Spite Of

They both are prepositional phrases followed by a noun / pronoun or V-ing form.

Despite the harsh weather conditions, the climbers managed to return from Everest.

In spite of the devastating effects of the earthquake, the city is expected to grow.


Contrary to popular belief, there is no difference between these two; neither in meaning nor in usage. You can substitute despite for in spite of and vise verse.

Despite / in spite of having a newborn baby, Sally has never missed any opportunity to go on vacation.


Be careful not to use despite of because it's incorrect.
We say despite the wind, despite the bad news... and not despite of the wind...
It's either in spite of or despite

Don't confuse these two structures with "although" as although is followed by a subordinating clause and not a prepositional phrase.

Although she has a newborn baby, Sally has never missed any opportunity to go on vacation.
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