Do vs Make Exercise 2

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Fill in the blanks using the correct form of do or make.

1. Have you ---- the washing-up yet?

2. Will you ---- me a favor?

3. She tried to ---- a souffle but it was a complete failure.

4. Don't ---- such a fuss about unimportant things.

5. She ---- a very good impression at the interview yesterday.

6. They've already ---- all the preparations for the party.

7. I promise I'll ---- my best to make it work.

8. I don't think this ---- any sense.

9. Don't take so many pills. They won't ---- you any good.

10. I'm not feeling well. I'd better ---- an appointment with the doctor.

11. She ---- a fortune selling cosmetics.

12. After eight years of war, both countries agreed to ---- peace.

13. He ---- a very good job mending my roof.

14. I can't believe this is my old house. You ---- wonders with it!

15. The oil-producing companies ---- an agreement to keep the prices low this year.

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