ESL Reading - 72

ESL EFL Short Readings - 72

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Answer the questions according to the reading

Many people with high IQ scores fail to become successful due to a lack of motivation, personality, laziness, or short attention span. In contrast, some people with low IQ results succeed due to personal dedication, vision, systematic effort, and motivation. A low IQ score can be changed through conscious choice and effort. As an analogy, consider a gifted athlete. Some athletes have special talents for a particular sport. However, they fail to perform as well as those even if they are pretty much good at it, for doing that sport depends on a systematic effort. Readers familiar with sports can name several specific examples of this phenomenon.

1. Some very intelligent people can have failures because ----.

A) they have short life span
B) they focus on details too much
C) of various factors
D) they are expected to do so by the society
E) most of them have no analytic intelligence at all

2. People with low IQ scores may sometimes be very successful ----.

A) but they lack motivation and personality
B) as they are praised by their teachers
C) since they devote themselves to their tasks and perform a great effort
D) although they have great abilities and intelligence
E) due to the encouragement of their close mates

3. We can infer from the passage that ----.

A) success is not always an indicator of intelligence
B) Western cultures focus on ability as the major determinant of success
C) an athlete can be successful in every sports if he has high IQ scores
D) infants adopted by privileged families tend to have higher IQs
E) talent is the key to a successful career

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