Essay Conclusion Paragraphs

Writing an effective concluding paragraph:

Concluding paragraphs are used to tie up an essay in a cohesive and concise summary of the thesis and key points. Although this may sound intimidating, formulating a conclusion can be broken down into helpful tips that will lead to an accomplished ending.

  • Do not simply restate the thesis. Summarizing and supporting the thesis and main points will lead to a focused essay. Recounting on what was written in the thesis will suggest to the reader that the writer accomplished what he or she set out to accomplish.

    • Writing the introduction and conclusion paragraphs after the body of the essay has been written might help you accomplish this task.

  • Frame the paragraph by reminding the reader of something you referred to in the introduction that will remind the reader of your thesis.

  • Conclusions can also be a place to suggest further research if applicable, make a prediction or comparison, and analyze what the argument of the paper means.

  • Finally, end on a strong note. Make sure to stray from cliche phrases, bringing up new ideas and identical wording used in the introduction or throughout the essay. Instead try these suggestions:

    • Include a compressed summary of the main points of the essay and recount why they are important and how they connect to each other.
    • Ask a question or use a quotation that may invoke a response from the reader.
    • Suggest solutions or consequences.
  • Keep in mind that an effective concluding paragraph will leave a lasting impression on the reader and remind them of the purpose of the essay. It is also an opportunity to check that essay remained focused and proved and / or supported the thesis.


    Some instructors discourage students from summarizing their arguments in a conclusion. Check with your instructor to find out his/her preference.

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