Have Got / Has Got Exercise

Fill in have got or has got positive, negative or question forms correctly.

Capitalize where needed.

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Have Got / Has Got
Have vs Have Got
1. I ---- a red car.

2. Tracy ---- 2 brothers but she ---- any sisters.

3. Agent Smith and Neo ---- a new director.

4. --- Jennifer ---- a boyfriend?

5. Peter ---- a villa but he ---- big house.

6. That nurse ---- beautiful long hair.

7. Your father ---- a good job.

8. My new neighbors ---- three dogs and two cats.

9. My friend Lisa ---- two children.

10. Rebecca and Clara ---- blue eyes.

11. Our dog ---- a short tail.

12. Carla ---- many friends but she ---- no family.

13. ---- you ---- a grey Mitsubishi?

14. Your sister ---- a new bike.

15. Even my best students ---- low grades.

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Correct answers:
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