Indirect Speech Requests
Commands / Exclamations


When we put direct commands or requests into indirect speech:

We use introductory verbs like order, ask, tell, want and request.

b. We always use indirect objects after introductory verbs.

c. The command or request in direct speech takes the infinitive form.

Direct: "Study your lessons regularly." He (to me)
Indirect: He wanted me to study my lessons regularly.

Direct: "Don't switch the lights on, please." He (to me)
Indirect: He asks me not to switch the lights on.

Direct: police says, "Don't cross when the light is red."
Indirect : The police tells us not to cross when the light is red.

My Father: "Don't be late."
Indirect: My father warned us not to be late.

Indirect Speech Exclamations

Exclamations must become statements in indirect speech.


Direct : Shannon said, "What a pity!"
Indirect : Shannon said that it was a pity.

Direct : Hanna said, "Oh! It is impossible!"
Indirect : Hanna said that it was impossible.

Direct : Danny said, "What a lovely day!"
Indirect : Danny said that it was a lovely day.
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